Saturday, January 16, 2016

Planet Law School II

This book is scary. The sheer weight and thickness will make you think - "S*** what have I gotten myself into?"

Once you crack the book open, it gets worst. It espouses that law professors are out to get you, and that you won't garner anything worthwhile by attending class. That's a load of horse cr*p.

Atticus Falcon, the pseudonym of the author of this book, encourages impressionable 1L students to (skip class and) purchase hornbooks instead. He argues that students can simply study at home and show up only for the final exam.

While I haven't been to every single law school in the universe, I know this is a horrible strategy for most law students at most law schools. One of the biggest benefits of going to law school is networking with classmates. The shortsightedness of anyone who stays locked up in his/her room memorizing blackletter law, in hopes to get a higher grade, is baffling to me.

My vote is for you to avoid this book.

But...I will be fair. I do know someone from my law school (the University of Chicago Law School), who stayed home and studied off of hornbooks, never came to class, and still aced his 1L year.

Still. This doesn't change the fact that not showing up to class is a horrible strategy for success.